So You Want to Try Chicks…

Right now many farm supplies are having “Chick Days.”  Baby chicks are flying out the door across the country.

Backyard Chickens are the current rage. Folks want to know where their food comes from.  People are concern about humane treatment of animals.   To this end everyone seems to want to have a few chickens.

Every Easter folks buy their kids chickens for the holiday.  Parents and grandparents are not thinking every cute fuzzy chick becomes a chicken.   They can only see the cut chick with their cute child.

When folks tell me they want to buy chicks I cringe.  The first thing that everyone who buys a chick should know is what happens when you don’t want your chickens anymore.   Will you be able to butcher and eat Henny Penny?   Do you know someone who will take your precious bird when you tire of having a hen?   What happens if you get a rooster and he isn’t so nice?  How will you feel when your friend who took your bird eats them. Being butchered properly is humane.  Not wasting the meat that your hen can provide is honor to her life.  There is nothing more cruel than turning them loose on a country road to be eaten alive by your local predator.

Once you can answer this question then you can think about getting chicks.

2 comments on “So You Want to Try Chicks…

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  2. That picture makes me want to come work at your house so I can pet the chicks every second I turn around! Yeah yeah, I know that wouldn’t be good for them… but one can wish.

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