Your Life’s Journey

Each day we struggle to find  the perfect life.   We want that ideal job.  We want our mate to be flawless.   We want unlimited free time to pursue our favorite past times.  We see our flaws and shortcomings. We want only happiness and success and yet feel they are distant and unobtainable.

To that end we  watch TV, read and attend classes.  These stories and gurus tell us all what worked for them.   How they found their perfect life and if we apply their principles we can too can have a perfect life.   We become convinced that there is something else out there we are suppose to be and do.

I maintain no matter who your higher being,  God, Allah,  or Mother Earth,  you are asking these questions from your point of view.  We seldom step back and realize this is all part of a much larger picture. I would argue that you are right where you a suppose to be.

So often when  some  one dies we question this.  We wonder why babies, young mothers & fathers, people who we know to be kind & generous, all leave us before we are ready.   I believe that each of those who have died traveled a life touching others for a reason.  People may not be aware of the impact or they changes they have made or are yet to make because of the person who left them early.     I believe that each person is in heaven knowing that they life was full of purpose.  They look down and smile at the changes we made and are yet to make because of what they shared with us.

We question what is just.  We get angry when someone suffers.  We wonder why justice isn’t served  to those who inflict injury.  Though this one is harder to wrap my head around I believe that this too as it is suppose to be.  It doesn’t mean that I can’t feel sad or angry, but ultimately I have to let those emotions go.  Determining what is just or not isn’t for me to do.  I believe that God will not give us more than any one person can handle.  We are to experience each of these moments and they will shape our life and journey.

It is easy to recognize pivot moments, they tend to be life, death and moments of great justice or injustice.   But those are just a few moments, there are many more times  of  great impact that we don’t realize.  It may be someone you know, but can just as easily be someone who you will never know.   It may the person who is eavesdropping on you in a restaurant, or a stranger on a bus.   What you say or do may change their life and you will never know.   Or you may be the one who’s life was changed by what you thought was a chance meeting.   I doubt it was chance it was as it was suppose to be.

There have been things in my life I would not wish to happen to my worst enemy, nor would I want to repeat them, but they were part of my life’s journey.  They made me what I am today, and I would not want to be anyone other than me, so they were part of the road I had to travel.  It isn’t to say I won’t aspire and wish for more.  I know I will continue to listen or read about  to those who have made huge changes in their lives. I want to be open to that possibility.  Most of all  I hope to remind myself at the end of each day that this is my journey and  I was in the right place today.  May I  be open to the possibilities of tomorrow.


2 comments on “Your Life’s Journey

  1. You’ve made some good points here, very introspective! My faith in Christ is all that gets me through these difficult questions & helps me resolve the suffering in this world with my concept of a loving yet just heavenly Father. He gives me hope to keep going & His Word promises me an eternity with Him through His Son. I have many questions for Him when I get there but then they won’t matter!! Until that time, I try to live according to His values & to honor Him above all else. Thanks for sharing!!

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