New Chicks – you got to be kidding!

Today we ran to the big city to do some major shopping and stopped by the local farm supply.  After weeks of debating about our current flock we decided to get 6 new chicks.  We still are not 100% sure about who we may cull  in our current flock , but chicks are a spring occurrence for us in Montana.   If we did not do it now, then any changes in our current flock would need to make would have to wait one more year.

Today I selected two breeds we have worked with before Plymouth Barred Rock and a Buff Brahma.  We really like these breeds both for their winter heartiness and egg production.  The are also very friendly, social birds.  I add two other chicken breeds that have always wanted to do try… 2 blue laced red wyandotte and two silver laced wyandottes.   Wyandottes were developed in New York, so they are winter hearty.  They, like our other breeds, are also good layers in the winter, relatively speaking, and should not have nasty personalities.

So now I have 6 chicks in a dog crate, with a heat lamp on them. I am not sure what my flock will look like this fall, but right now I have twice as many options as I had yesterday.

By Diana who is Looking Out The Window Posted in Chickens

2 comments on “New Chicks – you got to be kidding!

  1. Those chicks are so cute! I have a Silver Wyandotte named Coco Chanel that I absolutely love. She’s a great layer of large light brown eggs. Have fun with your new brood.

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