This week I spent two days away from home for work.  I had the good fortune to spend the time at a place that had a natural hot springs.  Each morning I was able to spend some time alone in the hot soaking bath due to my nature to rise early.

What a wonderful way to start your morning, under the stars, with steam rising from the warm waters.  The feelings of our body struggling to understand what is happening.   Your head and upper body is surrounded by air in the teens.  The ringlets where you dipped your head into the warm water are caught in a fight to freeze, but waves of steam prevent the ice crystals from forming.    Your lower body surrounded by warmth, and the weightlessness that comes with being in water.  It is the ultimate physical oxymoron for a body.  The cold.  The hot.

This case of Ying and Yang set my mind up for reflecting on the day,  life and the world.   I have a series of things I hope to capture in my blog in the next few days and weeks that came to mind in these early hours.

By Diana who is Looking Out The Window Posted in Odds & Ends

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