What goes in the hole?

When one takes out a circular stair case what goes in the hole?  In my case this would be my dining room table.   I now have a dining area that I did not have before.  I painted the floor where we covered up the old staircase hole.  My paint job has set my dining area off from the rest of the room.  It was one of those DIY show ideas that really worked.    Pretty cool, huh?


One comment on “What goes in the hole?

  1. Clever idea! I always thought those were neat, too, until I tried to navigate one with my bad knees & realized they are off limits for me until I get to Heaven & get my new knees!! Of course, ALL stairs are off limits to me right now but these especially. Cute, but totally impractical as you discovered. But how neat that you took them out & managed to gain a dining room in the process!

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