How the Big Boys Do It.

Harley Getting a Boost from John

Our dog is a small dog, heck some may consider him even tiny.   As a result of his size and the fact we have no patio style door he can not easily see outside.   I caught him getting a boost up from John the other day to see outside.  

John is Harley’s hero.  He can be in a dead sleep and yet when John comes home after a day at the office he will be there at the door to greet him.   John is the person who feeds him in the morning, and lays on the floor with him at night.   Man and his dog.  Best friends.

By Diana who is Looking Out The Window Posted in Dogs

One comment on “How the Big Boys Do It.

  1. We have one of those pairs here, too. I don’t think either of them could survive without the other!! Rusty is our toy poodle, almost 11 years old & glued to Gary’s hip whenever he is home. I feed him & care for him during the day, but when Gary walks in the door, I don’t exist!!

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