My Favorite Training Plan

Every sport requires a training plan to perform at your  best. Distance walking is a sport and it too requires a training plan.   As  I plan for another summer walking  half marathons I have pulled out my training schedule from last year.  I choose this schedule because it works around the fact that I have a “real  job” that requires a significant part of my day Monday through Friday.  It comes from marathon walking website.  It is a site I have bookmarked  as a favorite, and come back to often for reference.  Distance walking and running have lots  but there are differences and this site helps with some of the nuances specific to walking.  

I am hoping that a second summer of distance walking will allow me to improve my personal best time, heck my only time.   Finishing in under four hours is my first goal, then we can pick a minutes per mile goal.   Maybe a by-product of this will be a  the loss of a few pounds and improvements in my overall health.  Let the training begin, it is the first step to walk a half-marathon

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