Walking into the Wind

Since the death of my treadmill, I have been forced to walk outside.   Not that walking outside is bad, but the winds that blow here in southwest Montana can make walking an unpleasant experience.   We are not talking the warm winds that hint of warm weather and spring.  We are not talking gentle breezes.  We are talking howlers, the kind that cut right through your windbreaker, right through your clothes and make you cold to your very core.  We are talking about winds that can push you along one direction and when you turn around and the other way, you will need to hold your hat and lean into them just like a TV commercial struggling to make forward motion.    

No matter how unpleasant the winds make my walk I am still getting out there.   I may be cutting it short sometimes, but at least I am getting a walk in.

By Diana who is Looking Out The Window Posted in Fitness Tagged

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