Six chickens -Six eggs

Finally the last of my chicken started laying this week.  Yesterday was the first time in many months that I got six eggs in a single day from my six hens.  My last hold out was my “Easter Egger” who lays blue/green eggs.  She has turned out to be one of my most light-sensitive layer I have had.  This has put me in a quandary.  This quandary brings to the forefront, a debate that I have each spring should I get new chicks and cull part of my flock this year.

Rock Star as she starts moulting

My chicken breeds are carefully chosen to be cold hearty and good layers.  Until this year my choices have served me well.   In the shortest days eggs have gotten scarce, but this year  as days got shorter I had six hens who decided all to moult at the same time.   When chickens moult (lose their feathers) they don’t lay eggs.  Moulting can take as little as 4 weeks or as more than 8 weeks.   If you mix moulting and short days, well this winter we actually had to buy eggs!   

Now spring and baby chick season is here.  Since I elected not to mail order any chicks this year, I am at the mercy of what the local feed stores have.  Feed store chicks start arriving this week, with the best selections arriving the last week of the month.  So now my debate goes into to full swing.  Is it time for some of these girls to go to freezer camp?  Do I get a few new chicks and come fall keep the best of what I have?   Hopefully the laying patterns of the next few weeks will make my decision for me.

By Diana who is Looking Out The Window Posted in Chickens

3 comments on “Six chickens -Six eggs

  1. Why do you have to have a limit? You only have 6 chickens, go wild, get 12! You’ve got 20 acres and I love to watch the baby chicks- maybe I’ll get to your house to work, just so I can coo over baby chicks!

  2. Just realized I misspelled “appreciate”. I’m a real dunce, you know it?? I added “Christian fiction author” on my FaceBook page the other day & misspelled “fiction”. My fingers seem to love to jump all over the keyboard in random patterns!!! Sorry about that! And when I said “put it on there” I meant on my blogsite! It’s still too early for me to try to type!!

  3. This has nothing to do with raising chickens (not my forte!), though I enjoy reading all about it. But just noticed that you have my blog on your site & I really appreicate that! As soon as I figure out how to do that, I will put yours on there. I have several I try to read every few days if not more often than that but I don’t know how to put them on there. Will work on that!!

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