Finally I have good news to report I have found my fall half marathon.   I going to finish my 2011 season in September with the Sweathouse Half  Marathon in Victor, Montana.   I got an email this telling me they “welcome walkers. ” What a breath of fresh air!  I am still trying to find an early season and summer one in Montana.   I will keep you posted in this challenge.   Go Walkers!

If you want to see more about this race, the route, the elevation and more check out their website.


4 comments on “Found!

  1. Go for it! I’m proud of you in making this a priority & staying in shape to do it. There is no way with my knees that I could do this, walking long distances is a challenge in itself. Of course, if I would lose some weight, that would help my knees!! And walking is a good way to do exactly that. Kind of a vicious circle…Glad I have a cousin who is doing this, though!!

  2. I love the Fleecer picture too. Brought back good memories of sitting on your deck reading with the beautiful view of it.
    Good for you on the walking. Hope when this is all over I get out there and get walking.

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