Treadmill in Trouble

Yesterday I got on the treadmill and it was “not right”   Something was wrong with the belt.  As much as I hate the treadmill, I hate walking in subzero temperatures and howling winds.   As much as I hate spending money, I can’t imagine not having the treadmill option in my home.

So off we went to the local stores to check out the treadmill selection.   I can tell you there isn’t much there.   Treadmills aren’t glamorous, or trendy.  Heck half the year they aren’t even useful.   If a person can be outside they will be outside, and your treadmill will be a great clothes rack or junk catcher.   They never really go away.  I fold mine up when not in use to reduce the floor footprint, but it is still an ugly monstrosity in the room.

Today I plan to get out do some cross-country skiing, and then come home and figure out if my treadmill can be saved.  Keep your fingers crossed.

By Diana who is Looking Out The Window Posted in Fitness Tagged

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