Even First Timers Can Have Fun

One of great things about cross-country skiing is that even first timers can have fun. They may have to work a little harder, fall a little more often, and get a little less glide, but they can put on a pair of skis they can go out and have some fun.

My brother's 1st time on skis at a county park in Minnesota.

When I lived in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area I was surrounded by wonderful public golf courses that you could ski on and Hennepin county had an awesome park system.  Many an evening after work I would take my skis and hop the bus to one of Minneapolis’s old golf courses and go for a spin  of 18 holes.    Minneapolis’s lakes and Wirth Parkway  are not just for summer fun, they are a great place to ski as well.   It was a great place to develop my love of the sport.  It was on those golf courses and parks that I developed my technique.  I learned how to wax for all sorts of snow conditions.  I learned to  use the camber to get the best kick and glide.

Since that time I have skied every place I have lived.  I have shared my love to the sport with friends and family.


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