A Return to Yoga

I must admit I have fallen out of the exercise routine.  Though walking is good for me I miss yoga most. 

My last yoga group was lead by a great woman who was also a nurse.   I think her medical background along with her holistic approach that yoga encourages really made it a great place for me to go once a week.  It provided a place to have someone else look at my form and help me improve it.  It was a place where I was exposed to a new posture or movement.   It was a place where I did not have to lead myself, but I could follow and lose myself in the experience .  It was a place where I put on my yoga clothes and did not care, no more importantly I did not think about what others may see when they looked at my body.  It was a warm, supportive healthy place to go once a week.

As I seek to get back into the routine of regular exercise, I will return to yoga.      I love the meditative quality of yoga, all the while using my muscles.  It allows me to listen to the world, my brain, my heart and my body.  It allows me to remove the clutter in my brain and be more refreshed, more clear on my focus.   It allows my muscles to warm and stretch.  I love to hear the wind, the birds and the  distant train as I truly listen.  I become aware of my breath and my heart as I take time for me.   Yoga is balancing for me and it is important I  get yoga back into my life and routine.  

“And we will be in tune with our bodies only if we truly love and honor them. We can’t be in good communication with the enemy.” Harriet Lerner

By Diana who is Looking Out The Window Posted in Fitness Tagged

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