Coping Skills

People ask how we survive Montana winters.   I grew  up in the midwest and spent most of my adulthood in Minnesota where winters are real, cold and snowy.    Minnesota winters are even worse than  a Montana winter if you are talking strictly snow.   Blizzards in Minnesota are awesome fierce, I am waiting to see any blizzard on par with the ones I’ve experienced in the Midwest.   When it comes to cold there is no clear winner, both places can be bitter cold for days on end.   Montana trumps everyplace else  on how long winter lasts.  Montana winters are long, very long.   I can say long winters trump snow and cold every time.

I have many skills that help me copy with winter but one of my favorites is cross-country skiing.  I took it up years ago in Minnesota and it has served me well.   I have been able to do it everywhere I have lived.  It is an expensive life sport, as you only have to purchase equipment once. (Though I have to amid that I did upgrade after 30 years)   This sport allows you to get out a commune with nature.   You don’t have to be some mega athlete, but it will give you a nice workout at your pace.  You don’t need much snow, heck if you just want to get out a snow-covered golf course will do.  Cross country skiing is my coping skill for long, very long winters of Montana.

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