Phases of Life

Our lives are a lot like the phases of the moon.  There is a beginning, middle, and end.  It starts small, is big in the middle and is small  but in a completely different way in the end.

The first growing phases of the moon are the waxing phases.   As an infant we are born concerned about the simplest of  life’s necessities food and sleep.   We are a little sliver of life at the beginning of it all, surrounded by the love of our family.  Each moment, each day, each year we grow.   As we grew up we became more involved in the world and our lives become fuller. Our growth is moulded by our family, friends and life experiences.

At some point, I am not sure when, our life reaches its fullest.  Our personal full moon.  It is a different time for each of us.   To say it was when we met the love of our life, or when our children or grandchildren were born,  when  you sold your first painting or book, or finished a race is too simple.   That moment of your full moon, our lives are at their  largest, brightest and though we often don’t know this is the best time of our lives.  We love ourselves, understand ourselves and have true joy in life.  We radiate that joy we have found.

Then we begin the waning moon process. For some the time between our fullest day and the last sliver of moonlight will last many years.  Yet others the waning days of life will move rapidly by. Some will be ready when that last day comes and others will be struggling to stay just a little longer as they draw their last  breath.  In those last days of life we surround ourselves with memories, family and the friends we have made in this life.  They reflect back to us the love and joy that we gave to them during our lives.  We allow ourselves to embrace the warmth of that love and joy as  last of our life’s moon fades away.

Written in honor of my dear friend Barb Dutton, who we were so blessed to have known.   You will be missed.

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5 comments on “Phases of Life

  1. That made me tear up- wonderfully written. I personally think we have many full and bright moon phases in life! Each year we have 12 full moons and God willing, we have 12 full and bright and memorable moments (or more) in each year. If we don’t, we should strive to.

  2. Diana, That was such a beautiful tribute to Barb. Know you have many good memories of her and will miss her. But she will have no more suffering.

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