Lost Essence

Moon setting in the early morning at Gordon Reese Cabin.

I have always loved photography. Now with the digital age one can easily take hundreds of pictures.    I miss that capturing of the true reflection of light on the film, the lines, the colors, all of that has been lost with the end of Kodachrome and the migration away from print photography. On the other hand the digital age has reduced the expense, and most days I can live with the pixels and 200% magnification.

No matter what your photograph  digital or traditional, I find that you can get a great scenic picture, but you can never truly capture the essence of the sunset, sunrise or other magnificent outdoor event.  I am not sure if it is knowing the sounds that were there when I took the photo or feeling the breeze on my face but I always feel like something is missing  in even my best photos.   In spite of that we keep taking pictures, as we should.


One comment on “Lost Essence

  1. I can so relate to your love of photography. One of the things I love about being a pet sitter and dog walker is seeing the stuff I used to miss every day while I was driving by, pre-occupied with work. Not anymore! I’ve captured some amazing shots all because I was not only looking out the window, but also walking outside.

    I loved your photo BTW!

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