A Sign of Spring

There are many signs of spring; the first robin, tulips, yellow forsythia, pussy willows, melting snow, and soft roads.   Today I discovered another you can add to the list, an egg from my backyard flock after a winter hiatus.

For those  of you not familiar with chickens, they need a certain number of hours of sunshine to lay eggs.   The magic number of hours varies by breed, but I have tried hard to select birds who are a little less fussy about the length of the day.  You can help them along by adding a light to your coop and keeping it on to get your ladies the light they want.

Up until this year I have always managed to get just enough eggs all winter without supplemental lighting. I fight the use extra light for an assortment of reasons, but mostly it seems to me almost puppy mill treatment to “demand” your hens lay non-stop.  But this year all my ladies went into a moult in November and by December 1st, I was rationing the last of free-range eggs.    To add to all the things that make winter a dreary season I can now add store-bought eggs.   This was the first time years I had to buy eggs, which made the first spring egg extra special.   Even with a winter weather advisory in place I know spring is on the way.


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