Looking Out The Window – Cats Point of View

We got a new cat recently from the local shelter.   One of the criteria when picking our cat was that she could not be a kitten.   It had to be an adult.   We ended up with a one-year-old calico cat, we call Abby.  Little did we know that at one a cat is still very young.

We have been painting our living space, and we left the ladder sitting in front of the door last night.   Abby quickly found that ladder, climbed the steps to the top and started looking out the window at the top of our door.   As many times as we took her down, she would climb up again and peek out the window.   Today she still heads there when she gets the chance and always ends up sitting there looking out the window.

It does make me wonder what looking out the window is like from the point view of a cat.


2 comments on “Looking Out The Window – Cats Point of View

  1. Glad those paint cans were closed up tight! I wonder if you will have to leave the ladder by the front door for a very long time . . . .

  2. Adorable!! Only a cat lover can appreciate the pull of a window for a cat. Especially for an inside cat their whole world view is bounded by windows. How else can they learn about what is going on “out there” unless they are allowed to stare for a while at the strange goings-on they see? Indeed, the perspective of a cat looking out a window might be quite unique – if only we could know what is going on inside her head??!!

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