Embrace the Moment

One of my dearest friends is struggling in her fight against cancer.  Up until now her fight has been going as smooth as this fight can go for someone with her amazing resiliency, belief in the positive and dogged determination in spite of the trials of surgery and chemotherapy.   Today it took a wicked twist, and she is headed across the state for another surgery that we are not sure if it is caused by the  disease or all the drugs used to fight it.

All of this made me reflect on my last blog about loosing myself, not taking time for myself,  not taking care of myself or my life.   My friend, Barb, is one of those friends who always makes me more grounded and more balanced.  When we get together we don’t talk about her disease.  We laugh about our childhoods and families.  We count the blessings of our spouses and the lives we live with them.   We encourage one another to pursue our  creative dreams; write, draw, paint, cook, create, blog and more.  Our critters always visit during our time together to remind us that they are one of part of our crazy lives. We share risks we want to take but haven’t yet and  encourage one another to take that first step.

Barb and I stayed connected while I let my work take over my life, a phone call here, an email there, and an occasional  Facebook post.  All the while promising the week after the conference we would make time to get together in person.   While I am not sure if I will see my friend this week, like always she is making me grow, reminding me to embrace the moment.  Praying for a speedy recovery for my friend, Barb.


3 comments on “Embrace the Moment

  1. A very late thank you, my dear friend. Your cards, calls, emails have meant so much. Some day–when it’s funny–I’ll try and describe this werd world of disease and TOO MANY DRUGS. Woo wee, it’s not the same.

  2. Praying for your friend… believe it or not, your story about her and your friendship was just one more nail in the meat-eating coffin for me. And I am constantly reminding myself that it should not take a near-death experience for us to value these vessels we have been blessed to travel through life with [for those who don’t get that- i.e. our bodies!]

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