Getting Back on Track

My employer’s annual conference always occurs in January every year.   It means that the holiday season is not only the busy because of  what comes traditionally with Thanksgiving and Christmas but also because of my job.  This year for some reason it got beyond crazy.  I lost all sense of self.

I really did not think about it while it was all happening, but now that I am home and the conference is over I realized that this happened.  I stopped walking.  No yoga.  If we ate, my husband had to fix dinner.  I worked from 5 am to past 7pm or later . I stopped reading in the evening.  And yes I stopped blogging.

I am reflecting on how all this happened, and how I can prevent it again.   It is hard to draw limits for people who like their job and their employer.  It is hard to set limits in these economic times when there are thousands who would love to have a job.   When work loads pick up and you work from a home office it is easy to let work possess too much of your life.

I don’t think that the answer is going to come easy, any more that getting back into the routines of exercise, and good healthy balance of work and home.  But I am dedicated to finding it again.   I made no resolutions for 2011, but I am going to seek a healthy balance in life.  That will provide me with plenty of goals and things to reflect on for the year.


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