Perfect Mix of Christmas Music – Personal Playlist

This week one of things I have been doing has been putting together a couple of playlists of Christmas music.  One very traditional and mostly instrumental.  The second playlist is vocal an includes many I want to sing along with.  It is one of those things that the computer is a perfect tool for.

Over the years I have purchased Christmas music on LPs and CDs.  Some for the great assortment of artists and songs and a few because there was just one or two songs on it I could not live without.   The down swing on all this is that if there was one song on your LP you hated, there was no good way to avoid it short of going over to your stereo record player lifting up the needle and put it down in that shiny black grove that told you it was the beginning of a new song. CDs are better in that they have a skip key,but no matter what you still have to make the skip happen.

Playlists are a computer option weather you use Windows Media, iTunes or one  of the half-dozen other options.  It is exactly as it sounds, a list of things to play.  This great option allows me to pick and choose what Christmas songs I want to include in a playlist.  You can create as many as you need to suit your mood or your method.  You can arrange them just so to make it perfect from your point of view.

The other great thing to do when making your playlist it to cherry pick and fill in your play list with those missing favorites.  I don’t need or want any more Christmas albums.  I am missing a few classics sung by who is suppose to sing them.  Solve that problem I head off to Amazon, you can do iTunes if you’d rather, and buy a song or two. It like the days old and buying 45’s at the local Ben Franklin.   I got Blue Christmas by Elvis, Happy Xmas by Yoko Ono & John Lennon,  and Christmas Time Is Here by Sarah McLaughlin.  They helped to round out my playlist for this year, and I have a few more that I have on my wish list yet to buy.

Lastly I  have been putting my playlists on my MP3 player and a CD for my rig when am on the road.   So this Christmas I will be surrounded by holiday music I love.  Don’t you just love technology?


2 comments on “Perfect Mix of Christmas Music – Personal Playlist

  1. Still have that great Christmas CD you put together and gave me a few years ago. Listening to the right music can definitely improve the mood!

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