The Pulls of the Holidays

The holidays are a busy time and they pull us in many directions with our time, our emotions, and even our personal economics.

From Thanksgiving to New Year’s day we find ourselves planning  major meals, one, two, three.   If you host the meal it is not only the planning of what you will make but also getting your guests to bring the right combination of dishes to round out the meal.   We also worry about how to seat the people we have invited.  I used to always rent hall tables and chairs, that made it easier for me. Some of us also struggle with making our family and then the in-laws side on a single day.  Others of us struggle geographically to be with family who are great distances away.

Gift giving that goes with the holidays is another pull.   Gift giving is very emotional as we want to give something that the receiver will enjoy receiving.  Sometimes this isn’t as easy as it sounds.   If you live a great distance away from your family most of the year then knowing what they want isn’t as easy as remembering you dad saying a new socket set would be nice when he was working on the lawn mower, or hearing your mom say that her friend just got a nice new fleece jacket.  That distance generally results you asking for a Christmas list.    Those lists have been edited if we give or receive the list based on what you think is the right price point for that person.

In the best of economic times the holidays stress everyone’s budget if you have one or not.   We spend extra money at the grocery helping to buy the ingredients for things we only buy once a year.  Those dishes we make only once a year require  ingredients we don’t stock in our pantry.   We buy gifts for friends and family. Even if you make your gifts, you must purchase the supplies to do so.    These seasonal expenses  makes us work to balance out those bills we must pay every month.

No matter how carefully we plan, the holidays will pull us in many directions.

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