Soup Season

Hearty Turkey Noodle Soup

Now that autumn is over and it is darn cold outside we have entered soup season.  That time of the year when a bowl of soup sounds good and we are sure it will take the chill out of our bones.

Here in Montana we are heading into a particularly bad cold snap and I am thinking of all the different kinds of soups I might make in the upcoming week.  I have a ziplock of some old turkey that could be made into a vegetable turkey noodle.  I bought some leeks my last visit to town and could make a creamy potato soup with them.  There is a yam in my potato bin, and some sausage that I could turn into a spicy cuban black bean soup.

They all sound good right now as a sit here writing huddling under my afghan.

Update:  I decided on the turkey noodle soup for tonight.  I forecast more turkey in my future.