Martha Stewart Doesn’t Need to Worry

I recently decided that I was going to make decorated sugar cookies in the style of Martha Stewart.   I bought sprinkles, paste food coloring and 4 Halloween cookie cutters.  I dug out my decorating bags and tips.   I looked up recipes on the net, including decorating ideas. I was off.

Hours later I can tell you Martha Stewart doesn’t need to worry.  It seemed simple, but something got lost in execution.  Oh well they tasted good with a cup of tea and I am sure that my friends won’t turn them down.

By Diana @ Looking Out the Window Posted in Cooking Tagged

One comment on “Martha Stewart Doesn’t Need to Worry

  1. I think they look good. You have more patience then me. Reminds me of when I was a kid and my Mom would spend hours with us decorating Christmas sugar cookies. Guess she didn’t have much else to do with having 5 of us kids at home and she couldn’t drive. Had to entertain us somehow.

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