Pivotal Moments

In everyone’s life there are days that become pivotal moments. Pivotal moments are those things that change your perspective on life.

I am sure that many of  life’s pivotal moments happen and you don’t even know that they happened. They are subtle and they change your destiny without you even knowing it. Others are “Ah-ha” and you know that something just smacked you in the face, and life is never going to look the same.

I had one when my lifetime friend’s pacemaker replacement went from the routine to the life and death.   Another pivotal moment happened when a dear friend found she had ovarian cancer.  My most recent pivotal moment happened my younger brother had surgery and they were unable to complete it due to unplanned health complications.

Each of these made me reflect on my life and theirs.  Each of these events altered my life course. I hope that each pivotal moment made me a better person, not to just myself but also to others. I hope I will not waste the moment of clarity they provided.