Weather of Autumn

A Front Caught on Mt. Fleecer

Autumn is a season of changes.  Weather is moving from sunny, warm days to cool, damp ones.  Garden plants are finishing up the season and giving us the last of their tomatoes.  Trees and shrubs leaves are turning and getting ready to fall to the ground.   Night time temperatures are dipping below freezing and I cover my flower beds trying to hold on to summer one more day. 

One of my favorite things to watch is how the mountains catch weather and split it.   This happens much more in autumn because we have many more fronts that come in with moisture.  These moisture laiden clouds are gray and easy to see  the  edges of the weather system.  There is a strong line of gray vs. light, cold vs. warm.

Today there is not only the front line that I can see in the sky, but also the snow line.  Unlike prior dustings this is a definative snow line, and it is creeping down in elevation.   It foretells more  changes yet to come.  Autumn is well underway and is already hinting of winter.

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