Gizmos and Gotta’ Haves

My father-in-law was the king of gizmos and gotta’ haves.     As you can imagine many of these things worked a little less than wonderful. The concepts were great, but something was lost in the execution.  On vacation we bought a gizmo to hard-boiled eggs in the microwave. It was in a egg shape and was sort of cutsie.

This is a gizmo that really does work!

Farm fresh eggs have one drawback.  They peel terrible.   Hard-boiled fresh eggs are nothing but a nightmare and if you end up with more than a yolk you are darn lucky. If I plan to make potato salad, I often leave eggs out on the counter for a week to get them to peel more easily.  Even doing that they are still a tough job.  If you buy your eggs at the grocery store, the fact of they peel easily tells  you something about the freshness of your eggs.

I must tell you that this microwave hardboiled egg gizmo works great.   You first pierce the egg to prevent the yolk from exploding (They give you a special piercer with chicken feet to do that).   You add a little water and then twist the two egg halves of the  gizmo to lock them.   Last, you put it into the microwave.   In minutes you have a hard or soft-boiled egg depending your cooking time.   The amazing thing about all of this when the egg is done,  it peels  like it came from the grocery store.   Some how the act of piercing the yolk, and the steam allows the membrane that clings to the eggshell to separate during cooking. I recommend this gizmo to anyone farm fresh eggs or not.