Fall Fever

Last night it was in the 30’s here.   That in Montana language means fall is not far away, and I have been bitten by the fall fever bug.

Fall fever is worse than spring fever.  With spring fever we all anticipate what will come.  The days are getting longer and warmer.    Fall fever is different in that you have been given a warning that the number of  days are limited before winter sets in.    The hours of daylight are already getting shorter.    Warm coatless days are doing their swan song.  We start to see a few more days with overcast and showers.

Once we realize fall is just around the corner  we beginning to think about those things on our summer good-weather to-do list that never got done.   It is the start of the big push time.  Rush to get this done and that done before winter sets in.   When fall fever sets in we start to drop things from our chore list knowing that this is not the year it will get done and that it will have to wait one more year.   Fall is the time we realize we didn’t take the hike to that breathtaking summer mountain lake and drop in a fishing line.  We are disappointed we didn’t picnic or get out and hike more more.  Fall is the time when we ask ourselves where has another year gone?

Once bitten by fall fever I have a tough time staying in the office.   I look outside and see the warm sunny day and know those days  are limited.   I have the overwhelming desire to get outside and take a little hike or read a book in the hammock.  I can’t succumb to that urge to head outside every time fall fever urges hit, but I will allow myself to do so as much as I can.  Fall is a good time to store up good memories to take us through the long cold winters of Montana.

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