Thanks to All Who Contributed to My Support System

I choose to share my quest for a half-marathon here as an accountability for myself. They say when we tell others we are more likely to finish or complete that task. I was hoping that would be true for me. This task seemed an impossibility for someone of my size.

Sharing my goal here has not only been an accountability, but also given me a support system. I have empowered myself by “saying it out loud.” I have received encouragement from strangers to keep it up. Phone calls from friends who read my blog and saw between the lines it was a good time to call with that personal encouragement.  Other friends and family members who tells me that they have been following me along in the half-marathon quest, though they never posted so I didn’t know they were watching me.

I only have 5 days until the day of truth comes, but I say thanks to all of you who have supported me in this. You many not know or feel you did much, but each an everyone of you has made a difference.


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