I feel like all my life I have been fascinated by sunsets. I love the colors. I love how they change from minute to minute. I love that no matter what you can’t tell anyone how beautiful it is. I accept that no photograph I snap will ever capture the beauty of that moment.

I grew up on the prairies of Illinois where you could watch the sunrise and sunset by only turning your head from one direction to the other. The sunsets of the prairies captured the images in dark outlines of trees, homes and barns on the far horizon.

Summer vacations were spent at the cabin. The cabin was on the east side of the lake and so every evening we would watch the sun go down across the lake. I am sure that not ever sunset was spectacular, but in my adult memory it seems they all were. The colors, and the reflections on the crystal smooth lake.

Now living in Montana, the sun sets behind the mountains. There are some just so-so sunsets and then some spectacular sunsets. Tonight was one of those beyond words kind of sunsets.  All day today I could not see the mountains because a forest fire was putting down smoke so thick you smell it. I debated if it was clouds or smoke all day long as the day was overcast and there was no sunshine or shadows cast.

In spite of the fire and the havoc it plays it gave me the sunset tonight that for just a few minutes was beyond words. I hope that you take time and get a chance to see and enjoy a sunset where you are.


One comment on “Sunsets

  1. Would love to see a Montana sunset someday! Holly & Jeff tell me they are incredible. But my parents, who traveled all over the world & through much of the US as well, told me repeatedly when I was growing up that there is NO place on earth like Oklahoma for description-defying sunsets! Guess it’s all our red dirt. We live in a flat area, have incredible sunrises on one side of the house & sunsets on the other every day!! I LOVE this about living here in OK again! Your photo looks like ours in OK! Glad to know there are many places in the world to see & appreciate God’s beauty!

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