Curley Lays an Egg!

Eggs from Dolly, Rock Star and Curley

We added six chicks to our flock this spring, and they are now at 18 and 15 weeks old.   This is early to be looking for eggs from this crew, but yesterday we got our first egg from the new crew.  A nice blue-green turquoise sort of egg.

The early layer is an Easter Egger, we call “Curley”, who has one curled toe.   A Easter Egger (EE) is an unofficial breed and a mutt of the chicken world.  It is a cross of an Ameraucana, a hen who lays blue eggs, and a brown egg layer.  As a result of this breeding EE lay colored eggs from blue, olive, pink and everything in between.  EE are known to be above average layers and are like all mutts a dice roll on looks and personality.

EE are popular with hobbyist and small flock people.  It is fun to have a bird who lays colored eggs.  Some of the EE also have feather beards and ear muffs which make them have an out of the normal look.

We found a shelless egg in the coop last week.  This week Curley was in the nest boxes every day trying to produce an egg.  She rearranged the bedding daily, trying to make the nest perfect.   Yesterday our two-year old hens each laid and a brown an egg, but in the middle nest box was a little blue egg.   It was a 3 egg day.

One comment on “Curley Lays an Egg!

  1. What a beautiful egg! I’ve never seen one with quite that intensity. I also appreciate your description of the Easter Eggers. So many people incorrectly call them Ameraucanas, which are actually very rare. Enjoy your new eggs.

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