Running Shoes v.s. Walking Shoes

I have a pair of walking shoes that have seen better days. I am not sure how long I have had them or how many miles they have seen, but the heels are breaking down and I decided that it was time for a new pair of shoes. I wanted to get new shoes broken in for this half-marathon.

Walking shoes are hard to find, serious walking shoes even more so. I knew I wanted walking shoes but somehow I could only find a few pairs and none of them fit my arches. I shopped sporting good stores and shoe stores. When none of the limited selection of walkers worked the sales staff insisted running would work, even when I told them these shoes were to walk a half-marathon. I finally succumbed and bought a well-fitting running shoe.

I am here to tell you I now have an expensive pair of running shoes that don’t work for serious distance walking! I have logged quite a few miles and they just don’t cut it. I have gone back to wearing my old shoes with the heels that are wore away to the plastic inside for the short walks and my light short hikers for my long days.

I knew that your body works differently when it walks and when it runs. Don’t let someone tell you differently.


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