To Do List – Life’s Goals – Bucket List – Life List – Things To Do Before You Check Out.

No matter what you call it we all have one.  Some of us have written it down and look at it often.  Others wrote it down when they graduated from High School or College and never looked at it again.   Maybe you created it in a class or a seminar.  Maybe that list exists on in your head.

I call it a life list.  I don’t really look at it much, but I think about it, at strange inopportune moments.    I recently re-evaluated mine.   There were things on the list that short of winning the lottery, just were not how I wanted to spend my money.   I took those off my list…going to Ireland…having an island vacation staying in a cabin that the tides came under.   If I wasn’t going to do it, or  if I did the whole time I was spending the money I would think about what I could have done with the money other ways, those things really were not my life goals.

That may sound like a disappointment to remove items from the list undone, but it was liberating.  I know the things on my list are important to me.   They are things that I control.    Look at your list and make sure that the things on it are important to you.

One comment on “To Do List – Life’s Goals – Bucket List – Life List – Things To Do Before You Check Out.

  1. Good point! No sense in feeling guilty about not having accomplished things you really don’t want to do anyway. But really, NOT go to Ireland?? Just watched the movie “Leap Year” last night, far funnier & cuter than I thought it would be. AND really made me want to go to Ireland!! I’m going to have to follow your advice & re-evaluate my list soon, thanks for the impetus to do so. Back in the “blog loop” finally as of this week, hope to do it weekly again now. Thanks for the motivation!! Love you, Laura

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