Pound Pupplies and more

Ruby enjoyed the wide open spaces of Montana

We recently had to put our dog  down.  Ruby had been with us for 14 years.  She had moved with us from Colorado, to Michigan and back west to Montana.

Like all our previous animals Ruby had been a discarded animal.   We got her from the Steamboat Springs pound.   She had been someone’s great winter pet, but when the ski season was over she ended up at the pound.  Like every rejected animal she came a few idiosyncrasies…she hated the UPS truck…she loved people, but barked like she hated everyone who pulled in our drive.   We worked with her to change some of her bad habits, but other we just had to learn to deal with.

We have no children and people say our pets  are ours.   I don’t really see it that way, but I do see them as part of our family.   Working from a home office some days the phone never rang and Ruby was the only thing I talked to that day.   I never realized how much I did talk to her, until she was gone.   I didn’t realize that her asking to go out, forced me to take a break and enjoy the day.  I miss her.

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