Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. Helen Keller

Too often we live life safely, and don’t take enough risks.   Some of us as we get older take fewer risks and others of us take more risks.

I have taken some pretty serious risks in my life.  Moving to Minneapolis at 18, quitting a good corporate job at the height of my career to follow my husband’s new job, marrying my husband are some of the majors.

I don’t advocate taking big risks to often, but maybe we should be taking a few more low value risks more often.  Take a class you have thought about.    Have lunch with some one you want to get to know.  Become a volunteer on a board, for an organization or an event.  Doing something you are uncomfortable with, afraid you might fail or never tried before, all of those are risks….adventures.

I hope I am living a daring adventure.   May you be also be an adventurer.

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