Before There Was Email, There Were Postcards

A Page from the Scrapbook of Postcards


I have a scrapbook of postcards saved by a family member. I can’t really tell who created the scrapbook because the post cards were sent to several members of the family.  But I am now the trustee of the collection. 

A postcard from my GreatGrandfather to my Greatgrandmother.

I find them very interesting in that the are a slice of life of my family back in 1920’s.   Many of them are from my Great Grandfather to his family.   He worked for the Frisco Railroad and spent lots of time away from home. The postcards were short notes from a man to his children, telling them to do well in school and help their mother.   Other times he comment on his concern for his family who had been ill.     I am not sure if he got mail from his family as he was on the road, there is no indication that he received mail his family. 

I look at these as the 1920’s equivalent of email. They were pretty short, but more than a text or twitter.  It is sort of sad that in this electronic age that these email messages that reflect so much of our life today won’t end up in some one’s scrapbook capturing history for tomorrow. 

Today Clyde would have Tweeted his mother.

3 comments on “Before There Was Email, There Were Postcards

  1. Just looked at it again. Now I’m not sure if it was sent by Grandfather to Grandmother or from Uncle Clyde to his mother! You indicated it was from Uncle Clyde. How did you know this? Laura

  2. Just finally had time to read this & am fascinated!! I noticed that one of the cards was from Grandfather to Grandmother & the address he put on there was “Manitou”. That is the town in OK where my mother was born! It is no longer there but was close to the Red River, which forms the border between OK & TX, of course. I would be interested to find out if there was a date on that card anywhere. Mom was born July 12, 1910 (yeah, almost 100 years!), don’t know how long they lived there. I’ve never seen Grandfather’s handwriting before. I also noted he signed it “George Clyde” which was his name of course but I thought he only went by George. Uncle Clyde was the oldest son & named after his father (older than Mom, too). Neat memories!! Laura

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