Women and Power Tools

Power tools are generally a man’s domain.  Though I think that all women show have some basic knowledge of some of at least the essential power tools.

The past few weekends we have been working on making a new larger chicken coop. It is one of those husband and wife projects that can either end up in one big fight or one of those that makes you know why your marriage lasted all these years.   There are so many moments from design, buying materials, execution, and all the rework and mistakes that you have to overcome together.

My husband used to spend months away from home and I have learned to use many of his tools for many different tasks. The chicken coop project has given me the opportunity to show him that I really could use all those tools.  It has been fun to watch his face as I used the skilsaw, jig saw, drill & compound miter saws.  One of the 1st time events was installing a new window.  To do this I got to learn how to use the reciprocating saw.   Boy is that one powerful nasty tool.   I don’t think I will have many chances to use that puppy again too soon, but I am glad I got to learn to use it.

I am glad to report 3 weeks later, there is a floor, the walls are up, the door is hung, the window is in and the roof is on it.   It is an empty  coop right now.    It has been a great process and we are ready for the next step.   Next we will install the roost, the nest box and hook up some electricity.  Then we can add our chicks.

All made simpler because we did it together and I did know how to use the power tools.   Woman Power!


One comment on “Women and Power Tools

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. More power to you on using power tools and knowing how to do it. I’m a widow 6 years so I’ve had to figure a lot of the stuff out too. Hope you post finished pics of the coop. Elaine

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