Joys of Reading

One of my great joys is curling up with a book.    When I was a child every adult around me was a reader.  Some were newspaper readers, some were magazine readers and others book readers.  My elementary school teachers encouraged reading.  I learned to read all kinds of things from them.   I did not always enjoy them all equally but did learn to appreciate them for their differences.

One of my best childhood reading places was the closet at my grandparents. In this special closet was a wonderful collection of old books that were from my father and uncle’s childhood.  They were many different genres and many different reading levels.  There were some “fables” that are no longer published because they would no longer be considered socially acceptable.  There were also some great pop-up books the details that are no longer produced.

Another set of grandparents attended auctions.  One of the things that they ended up with were books.   They had a vast collection out in the Sun Parlor.  I can remember going out there and getting the books to take home and read, almost like going to the library.

Though we had no extra money at our house, I can remember going to the visiting book fair and getting to buy a book.  I got three books this way. Getting to buy new books was a great event for me.  I treated these books with reverence and they were almost like new though I had read them many times, when I gave them to my niece years later.

Books are a friend that is always there, and can take you on great adventures.  Thanks to all the adult in my childhood who introduced me to books.

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