There Is No Place Like Home!

Do we become more of a homebody with age?  I am not sure about others, but I think it is true for me.

I was on the road for most of the week with my job. Not long when you think I used to travel for a week or two often in the past for work.  But this time I found myself glad to be home, in spite of the fact I have a full suitcase of laundry, I have zillion emails I must deal with and now have to plan and make all my meals.

Almost immediately when I got home, I checked on the animals, topped off water and feed bowls.  It wasn’t that John didn’t do all that while I was gone but it was the comfort of the routines of home.  This morning I found myself watching the moon set behind the mountains in the West before the first light of day came up in the East. I am not sure I more of a homebody, but I am sure I do enjoy my life at home.

By Diana who is Playing Without Limits. Posted in Uncategorized