Like Breathing – In and Out

The arrival of spring in Montana is a lot like breathing.  You breathe in and breathe out.  Each inhale is fresh and full of oxygen…cool and new. Each exhale is spent and tired.

Spring is here one day.   The smells of the land thawing and the hints of plants beginning to emerge from dormancy. The longer days bathe us in sunshine and warmth.  We enjoy this all and feel refreshed and more ready to face the day.

The next day winter is back.  At this time of the year the snow is no longer clean, white and fresh.  Instead it is tarnished by dirt.  Some coming from the splashed roadways and it is also revealing all that was hidden  last fall with the first snowfall.      The angry gray clouds gather overhead and threaten snow or maybe a rainy mix.  We had already thought about what the world will look like without snow so we do not welcome this event.

Tomorrow will be another breath….as the days grow longer we will enjoy more spring days and few dreary winter days.  The season will cease to imitate our breath.

By Diana who is Looking Out The Window Posted in Seasons

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